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Artisans of diving.

Deepening the relationship between Jakartans and the Seribu Islands.

Bringing the Livingseas way to Jakarta, and elevating what’s possible with diving in Indonesia.

Benny Lowis
A keen diver who loves gear and beer. Excellent in the water and getting better everyday.

Anatasha Eka
A passionate diver who fell deeply in love with Indonesia's seas. Loves living life in paradise, a curious traveler and a happy buddy.

Seribu Day Trips

Come dive Seribu with Livingseas and see Seribu in a different way!

  • Regular Pulau Seribu day trips on a spacious speedboat
  • 3 dives each day
  • Free backplate rentals
  • Enjoy a buffet lunch in between dives
  • Back home for dinner with your family
  • Leaving from Pantai Mutiara with ample parking and shower facilities

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Get some good dives done, and be back at home for dinner with your family!

Join us as we explore the wonderful sites of Seribu. Discover an amazing world that’s right in your backyard.

Meet at 7:00 a.m.

Jet Ski Cafe
Jl. Pantai Mutiara Blk. R No.57, Pluit, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Its 3 dives a day, breakfast, lunch, free rental gears (advance notice required), no tipping required.

A brief getaway from the busy city life. Explore the underwater beauty of Pulau Seribu. Meet up with fellow dive buddies. Make new friends. Have some great fun and be back before 5PM!

Trip Itinerary
7:30am – Depart Jet Ski Cafe
8:30am – Arrive at first dive site
10:30am – Second dive
12:00pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Third dive
4:00pm – Back at Jet Ski Cafe

Valid open water dive license.

Showers and parking areas are available at Jet Ski Cafe.

A little reminder.
You may want to bring the following:
– Sunblock
– Change of clothes
– Toiletries
– Towels
– A small bag for personal stuff

Note: If you have special dietary restriction please inform the crew in advance.

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  • Pulau Seribu
  • IDR1,800,000per person per day
  • Includes 3 dives and a buffet lunch
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Livingseas is not your ordinary dive center. With an emphasis on technique and skills in our diving, our retail equipment selection matches this vision with a curated set of brands and models that only serve to assist you with your diving.


The Living Seas Open Water Course
The Living Seas Advanced Open Water Course
The Living Seas GUE Fundamentals Course

Double Tank Workshop

Learn More

Stay longer underwater and not have to worry about your gas consumption!

The Livingseas Double Tank Workshop teaches divers how a manifolded double setup works to provide redundancy and extra gas for your dives.

The workshop includes gaining stability when diving doubles, performing the valve drill, and understanding valve failures.

Priced at SGD 250, the workshop includes the gear required to dive doubles, a 1 hour theory session, and a 3 hour pool session.

The workshop can also be conducted over a day of diving. Trip price not included.

Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion Workshop

Learn More

Learn to dive like a fish! Stay stable and comfortable in the water, without moving your legs or arms.

The Livingseas Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion Workshop gets divers in a flat trim and neutral buoyancy, with minimal movement in the legs and arms.

We get into detail about the 9 ways that divers can move in the water, and how to manage each using a proper equipment setup and the various propulsion techniques.

Priced at SGD 150, the workshop includes the use of a backplate and wing system, a 1 hour theory session, and a 3 hour pool session.

The workshop can also be conducted over a day of diving. Trip price not included.

ProNRC Nitrox Course


Livingseas Jakarta

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